IWA1 certification (ISO quality standard for health centers)


Benefits of obtaining ISO IWA1 certification

  • Ensuring the quality of services in medical centers
  • Globalization and creating a quality treatment environment
  • Receive a valid international certificate with a registration code
  • Create a sense of confidence in customers
  • Implement quality management requirements in medical centers
  • Create and improve an efficient management system


What is the IWA1 standard?

In order to obtain IWA1 certification, RoseCal Consulting is ready to provide services to companies and organizations (Receive IWA1 ISO – Issue IWA1 ISO – Obtain IWA1 – Obtain IWA1). IWA1 certification is designed and developed to meet the requirements of quality management system in medical centers.

The IWA1 standard and certification provide practical guidelines for achieving quality in health care facilities. The IWA1 standard helps companies and organizations to design and implement the features of this quality standard in organizations and medical centers by modeling the ISO 9001 quality management system.


Scope of application IWA1:

IWA1 certification is applicable to all organizations and centers related to the provision of health services that are active in the field of management and provision of health services and products.

The scope of application of IWA1 certification includes medical education and research centers, hospitals and clinics, offices and monitoring centers and other related organizations, regardless of the type, size, product and services they provide. This standard is also applicable to manufacturers and distributors of pharmaceutical products due to the importance of processes and services in health centers and that the requirements of the quality management system in these centers are defined differently from other industries and business sectors.


Requirement to implement IWA1 certification:

The need to implement and pay attention to IWA1 certification was felt when, despite the fact that the quality management standard of ISO 9001 services or products is applicable to all organizations and centers.


Any organization, regardless of the type of production or service, can benefit from its implementation, but the managers of hospitals and medical centers usually considered the ISO 9001 quality management standard as a standard for production and service centers and announced that such standards can be implemented. There is no training in medical centers and it is necessary for medical centers to have a specialized standard for the field of treatment.

According to the above, the specialized standard for medical centers, hospitals, clinics and other organizations related to the field of medicine and treatment was written using the ISO 9001 standard called IWA1.


Purpose of IWA1 certification:

  • Systematic approach to quality management in medical centers, clinics and hospitals
  • Quality management and continuous improvement in health services
  • Improving processes with the aim of increasing added value for organizations and stakeholders
  • Build customer trust as well as access to a tool to evaluate the quality of integration with a specialized approach


Implement and obtain IWA1 certification:

ISO System is ready to advise on implementing and certifying IWA1 certification in clinics, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and other treatment-related organizations with an experienced team.

Organizations and health centers are also advised to receive other basic management standards such as the integrated IMS management system including ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS18001, as well as customer satisfaction standards such as ISO 10002 and ISO 10004.

As health, safety and environmental issues are also important in medical centers, it is recommended to consider the HSE standard along with IWA1.


Obtaining IWA1 ISO Certificate – Issuing IWA1 ISO – Receiving IWA1 ISO

You can apply for IWA1 certification (receiving IWA1 ISO – IWA1 ISO issuance) through the RoseCal Consulting. RoseCal Consulting is the top center for obtaining ISO IWA1 (receiving ISO IWA1 – issuing ISO IWA1) in the country with the official license of the Industry, Mining and Trade Organization.

To obtain IWA1 certification (Receive IWA1 ISO – IWA1 ISO issuance), apply through the certification application link on this page. You can also apply for IWA1 (IWA1 ISO – IWA1 ISO issuance) via this link.