TS 16949

ISO TS 16949 (ISO quality management standard for the automotive industry)


Benefits of obtaining ISO / TS 16949 certification

  • Ensuring the quality of car parts
  • Globalization and creating a competitive advantage in exports
  • Receive a valid international certificate with a registration code
  • Create a sense of confidence in customers
  • Generate more sales to strengthen the brand
  • Create and improve an efficient management system


What is ISO / TS 16949?

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ISO / TS 16949 is a quality management standard for industries related to the automotive industry. Standard TS 16949 sets out all the requirements for a quality management system in the design, development, production, installation and provision of services related to the automotive industry. In simpler terms, automakers and subsidiary companies and their partners, by implementing the TS 16949 standard, prove that the quality management of products and services has been considered in all stages.


The latest version of the ISO / TS 16949 standard

ISO / TS 16949 has been developed by the International Automotive Working Group (IATF) with the support of the ISO / TS 176 Quality Management and Quality Assurance Committee. New edition of ISO TS 16949, which has been technically revised, the previous version of this technical standard, ISO / TS 16949: 2002, has been repealed and replaced. Also, the new edition of the ISO / TS 16949 standard called ISO / TS 16949: 2016, the 2016 edition, has been finalized and released by the IATF, and it will soon be possible to implement and certify this standard.

However, from the presentation of the 2016 version of the TS 16949 standard, up to 3 years, ie until 2019, it is possible to obtain the ISO / TS 16949 standard certification, 2009 edition, and companies will not be required to pass the 2016 version of the TS 16949 standard.


Purpose of implementing TS 16949 standard

The purpose of implementing ISO / TS 16949 is to implement a quality management system, in order to enable continuous improvement, prevention of defects and reduction of fluctuations and losses in the supply chain. TS 16949 standard, along with customer-specific requirements, implements the basic requirements of a quality management system for automakers and component manufacturers active in the automotive industry.

Although ISO 9001 (2015) as a quality management system, the ability to implement quality management requirements in a company related to the automotive industry, but with the development of technical standard TS 16949, specialized implementation of quality management system Emphasized and implemented for automotive and auto parts companies.


ISO TS 16949 standard and relationship with other standards

It is recommended to parts companies that produce products related to the automotive industry, together with or before the implementation and receipt of ISO TS 16949 certification, to implement and receive ISO 9001 certification (quality management standard) or integrated management system. IMS, which includes 3 basic and basic standards, apply. Also, if the industrial unit wants to export its products, it is recommended to apply for the export of products (CE) along with TS 16949 standard.

In companies equipped with test laboratories and calibration, obtaining ISO 17025 certification is recommended, and in companies that are concerned with customer satisfaction, obtaining ISO 10002 and ISO 10004 (customer-oriented standards) is recommended.


Benefits of implementing ISO / TS 16949

By implementing the TS 16949 standard, it is possible to bring closer the demands and expectations related to the quality management system of car parts manufacturers and to create a common language between them and car manufacturers. This standard also establishes specialized criteria along with customer requirements, the requirements of a management system for use in the entire supply chain of parts and automotive supplies. Direct and indirect suppliers, automotive and parts factories whose purpose is to maintain or achieving a competitive position in the market by producing higher quality parts will greatly benefit from the implementation of the ISO / TS 16949 standard.

  • Continuous improvement of organizational processes and prevention of breakdown and waste in the supply chain
  • Presence of the organization in international markets by receiving ISO / TS 16949 standard certification
  • Compatibility of ISO TS 16949 standard with other management systems
  • Possibility of cooperation with the country’s automotive industry
  • Reduction of waste in production and service processes of the company and organization
  • Identify and minimize potential risks to employees


Obtaining ISO TS 16949 – Issuing ISO TS 16949 – Receiving ISO TS 16949

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