Acid rotameter

Flow Meters
The first rotameter including a float was invented by Karl Kupers in Aachen in 1908. After that, the invention was improved with new float shapes and glass tube. Karl Kupers designed a…
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Contact vibration

Force calibration
Types of contact vibration measurement Route measurement Potentiometer type LVDT type Speed ​​measurement Electrodynamics seismometer Acceleration measurement Piezoelectric sensor Piezo resistance sensor Resistance sensor Inductive sensors Route measurement Potentiometric transmitter…
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Pressure measurement

Pressure measurement examines the theory and performance of pressure sensors (Bourdon tubes, diaphragms, bilos and variable capacitance). It also covers the variables of an operating environment (pressure, temperature) and possible failure…
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What is a vibrometer?

One of the important cases in different control industries Vibration Rotating tools and machines such as generator turbines, pumps, bearings, motors, fans, etc., and if they exceed a certain limit,…
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