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Rose Calibration Services (RoseCal) as a technical company, has the best history of providing services in calibration, inspection, counseling, training, repairing, and selling instrumentation equipment, and with experienced personnel, it is proud to work with various industries, including power plant, steel, Food, pharmaceutical, and oil, gas and petrochemicals.

The company always promotes its technical knowledge in order to attend the highest competition in domestic and foreign markets. The verification of mass and volumetric flow gauges are taking advantage of the standard methods used in Australian and international centers. Also, the validation services of the performance of equipment in temperature, pressure, and electric labs are presented in other services that are currently achieved with the double efforts of experts at the highest level.

Consulting services in the field of deployment of laboratory quality control systems (ISO 17025 Calibration of measurement systems, design, counseling and manufacturing of metering skids, calibration of flow gauges, containers/benchmarks, fixed and moving meters and function modification of all types of ultrasonic flowmeters, turbine, positive displacement, and temperature and pressure sensors) and also, the sale of various types of measuring equipment and tools along with a calibration certificate is one of the company’s subsidiaries services.

In this regard, the selection of the company and its capability to examine its qualitative goods and its adaptation with the need of Australia as well as providing optimization of the initial notification and post-sales support will be components of the main principles and the obligations of the Rose calibration company.

The company’s education department is provided in line with providing training courses based on national and international standards, including calibration training courses, calibration management methods, quality control and quality assurance in calibration, and other related courses.

The company is also prepared to provide services to medical, industrial, research, and academic laboratories in order to provide its services to the Australian calibration labs as a collaborative calibration lab.

Quality Services

RoseCal is the top consultant and issuer of international ISO and CE certifications, which in cooperation with the top issuing authorities (CB) provides consulting in the field of ISO (CE) international certification for companies, organizations and other commercial and non-commercial centers. Seems.

At present, RoseCal, by using efficient personnel as well as consultants and professional auditors, has succeeded in providing quality services throughout the country and providing satisfaction to its customers.

Work with the ecosystem for these 6 reasons:

  • Guarantee the lowest cost of valid ISO certification, which allows customers to receive ISO certification with economic conditions.
  • Transparency and providing correct information to the customer that makes better decisions for customers.
  • Professional guidance for obtaining certification that makes the best use of customer budgeting.
  • Speed ​​of providing consulting services or international certification, which accelerates the implementation and better use of the benefits of ISO.

RoseCal Consulting quality policy

RoseCal Quality Management Policy (ISO 9001: 2015) expresses its services in the form of the following headings so that all managers and employees of the company, while fully aware of its provisions, continue their commitment to maintaining and implementing the policy:

  • Continuous improvement of all processes and current activities of the company
  • Correct and systematic implementation of the company’s plans and plans based on the roadmap
  • Increase customer satisfaction and other stakeholders
  • Paying special attention to the views of customers and stakeholders and considering it in providing services
  • Controlling and monitoring the processes and activities implemented and evaluating the effectiveness of the quality management system
  • Risk management in all executive processes and related periodic monitoring
  • Upgrading the technical level, knowledge and skills of staff and RoseCal Consulting experts with applied educational planning
  • This policy will be constantly reviewed and the management of its organization is committed to achieving the defined requirements in order to further improve the quality of services and increase customer satisfaction.

It is hoped by observing the principles of quality, the rose calibration company can meet full satisfaction of laboratory consumers and the quality of services provided to continue continuous and committed cooperation. The public relations section of this company will be ready to hear your point of view and address customer complaints if needed.

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