temperature gauge

The temperature gauge is one of the most widely used equipment for measuring the temperature of fluids, which is installed and operated on pipelines or tanks. The value taken by the temperature…
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Wicca thermometer

Temperature Calibration
WIKA thermometer Vika bimetal thermometers are of the contact type and are among the most widely used temperature measuring devices and are used in most devices such as iron or samovar…
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Acid rotameter

Flow Meters
The first rotameter including a float was invented by Karl Kupers in Aachen in 1908. After that, the invention was improved with new float shapes and glass tube. Karl Kupers designed a…
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Couplink earrings

The earring coupling facilitates the transfer of material between two hoses or pipes. They are also called cam and groove couplings. Connecting and disconnecting them is simple and no tools are needed. They…
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