ISO 10006

ISO 10006 (ISO project quality management standard)

Benefits of obtaining ISO 10006 certification

Standardization of project-oriented activities

Serious attention to quality in project-oriented activities

Receive a valid international certificate with a registration code

Create a sense of confidence in customers

Generate more sales to strengthen the brand

Integrating project management knowledge and quality management


The need to obtain the ISO 10006 standard for contractors

In order to obtain ISO 10006 (receive ISO 10006 – issue ISO 10006), RoseCal Consulting is ready to provide services to companies and organizations. Companies and contractors that receive ISO 10006 certification assure the client that the project contractor has a coherent management system to achieve the project objectives, so companies that have a project management standard such as PMBOK or ISO 10006 Implemented in it, while better organizing affairs and processes, increase the productivity and effectiveness of project implementation.


Scope of application of ISO 10006 standard

ISO 10006 provides comprehensive guidance on the application of quality management in projects; This standard applies to projects of varying complexity, small or large, short-term or long-term, in different environments, regardless of the type of product or process involved. ISO 10006 is not a project management guide, but a guide to quality in project management processes.


Purpose of writing ISO 10006 standard

The purpose of writing and compiling the standard is to provide guidance on the application of project quality management. This standard provides an outline of quality management principles and procedures, the implementation of which is important and effective in achieving the quality objectives of project management. ISO 10006 standard and its guidelines are written for a wide range of organizations and companies and in various projects from small to large, from simple to complex, from an independent project to a project that is part of a portfolio of projects Is, is applicable. This guide is for those who have experience in project management and need to make sure that their organization has implemented the principles and procedures mentioned in the ISO 9000 series of standards. Also, those who have experience in quality management are required to interact with project organizations in the use of their knowledge and experience in fasting. Inevitably, some groups find many details in the tips unnecessary, while some audiences may be dependent on those details.


History of ISO 10006 standard

First released in 1997, the next version was released in 2003. This standard has been considered by many companies and companies and organizations with ISO 10006 certification can enjoy special privileges when participating in tenders and technical evaluations. Implementing the ISO 10006 standard along with basic standards such as ISO 9001 and the integrated management system IMS , or along with customer-oriented series standards such as ISO 10002 and ISO 10004 will significantly contribute to the growth and excellence of the organization.


Customer focus

The ISO 10006 standard makes it very clear that achieving or even exceeding customer expectations is essential for a successful project.


Management responsibility

As is common with other ISO 9000 family standards, ISO 10006 states that the commitment and active participation of top management is essential to an efficient quality management system, and that supporting a quality culture is critical to ensuring project success.


People’s participation

As a management responsibility, the standard emphasizes the importance of the people assigned to the project. This makes it clear that they must have well-defined responsibilities and adequate authority, as well as the competence and tools to perform their duties. It also notes that the implications of multinational and multicultural projects need to be considered. This is explained in more detail in the standard “Resource Management” section.


Two main motivations related to ISO 10006 project management

The need to implement project management is related to two important elements:

  • Organization:

This part can be changed and different business sectors of the company will benefit from better communication and easier cooperation.


  • Project management and supervision:

Thanks to the key performance indicator or KPI (good performance of the organization) it is possible to monitor the progress of the project and ensure that the goals are achieved. Finally, when these two are followed, the project team and leadership provide high quality work.


Potential challenges in project management

At ISO 10006, project leaders must combine passion and power and, most importantly, balance their team. Eventually the team members will work according to the design and technical framework imposed on them. For the best possible correlation, management supports the project from day one and clearly identifies the tasks that each team member must perform. Because the project will potentially change, it is important to know how to adapt. The project must be in parallel with other work in progress and all parts of the company must pay the costs in their plans.


Obtaining ISO 10006 – Issuing ISO 10006 – Receiving ISO 10006

To obtain ISO 10006 (Receive ISO 10006 – Issue ISO 10006) you can apply through the RoseCal Consulting.

To obtain ISO 10006 (Receive ISO 10006 – Issue ISO 10006) Apply through the certificate application link on this page. You can also apply for ISO 10006 (Receive ISO 10006 – Issue ISO 10006) to register your application quickly through this link.