ISO 10015

ISO 10015 (ISO standard for training effectiveness in organizations)


Benefits of obtaining ISO 10015 certification

  • Turn an organization into a learning organization
  • A global approach to improving effective human resources
  • Receive a valid international certificate with a registration code
  • Measuring the application and impact of training in the organization
  • Productivity and analysis of personnel organizational training
  • Provide a productive environment based on knowledge and monitoring


What is the ISO 10015 standard?

In order to obtain ISO 10015 (receiving ISO 10015 – issuing ISO 10015), RoseCal Consulting is ready to provide services to companies and organizations. ISO 10015 is one of the series of 10000 series standards that are used to measure the application and impact of the training process in organizations and companies. Today, the role of training in organizations is clearly defined and organizations to achieve maximum quality in their products and services to identify the training needs of different parts of the organization as well as personnel. Trained staff will be far more productive in performing their duties and thus customer satisfaction, and this is where the role of the ISO 10015 standard becomes more prominent.

Establishing the training process based on ISO 10015 can be the most effective way to measure the effectiveness of the training process in organizations. Effective implementation of education management system in organizations requires management commitment, learners’ commitment and finally the commitment of educators. Using the guide in ISO 10015, in addition to meeting the needs, organizations are moving towards the realization of a learning organization.


History of ISO 10015 standard development

ISO 10015 has been developed by and under the supervision of ISO / TC176 Technical Management and Quality Assurance Committee and SC3 Committee. Various factors such as “not recognizing the correct training needs of employees, not paying attention to jobs in estimating training needs, not identifying needs, lack of goals and training strategies,” weakness in content design and training program, not paying attention to issues related to the implementation of courses In December 1999, delegates from 22 countries were asked to design the main draft of the ISO 10015 training standard as a guide for the organization’s training activities. Offer.


Scope of application of ISO 10015 standard

Systematic and planned training process can play an important role in improving human resource capabilities and meeting the quality goals of the organization. Therefore, all organizations and companies that provide services and products to customers can use the ISO 10015 system to assess their needs while training their staff and then using the complete and comprehensive guidance of ISO 10015 (size standard Measure the effectiveness of education) to measure the effectiveness of educational processes in the organization. In ISO 9001 standard, the discussion of education is emphasized, but in ISO 10015, the issue of educational effectiveness and attention to the application of the training is emphasized in a specialized and comprehensive manner. Applying the ISO 10015 standard along with other basic standards such as ISO 9001 will greatly contribute to the growth and excellence of the organization.


Obtaining ISO 10015 – Issuing ISO 10015 – Receiving ISO 10015

To obtain ISO 10015 (receiving ISO 10015 – issuing ISO 10015) you can apply through the RoseCal Consulting. RoseCal Consulting is the top center for obtaining ISO 10015 (receiving ISO 10015 – issuing ISO 10015) in the country with the official license of the Industry, Mining and Trade Organization.

To obtain ISO 10015 (Receive ISO 10015 – Issue ISO 10015) Apply through the certificate application link on this page. You can also apply for ISO 10015 (Receive ISO 10015 – Issue ISO 10015) through this link to quickly submit your application. do.