Calibration of Flowmeter

In the flowmeter calibration laboratory, based on the scope of work, certification and national and international calibration standards are performed, and liquid and gas flow, liquid and gas flow transmitter calibration, and liquid flow meter calibration transmitter calibration within the company and at the customer site by experienced calibration experts.

In the field of instrumentation, a transmitter is a device that converts one of the physical parameters such as pressure, temperature, flow or fluid flow, humidity, speed, level or height of materials inside the tank, weight, and to a standard signal such as 4 to 20 mA or zero to ten volts conversion and the ability to send a signal in the form of two wires or power loop.

This instrument is widely used in industrial processes and systems. For example, in a furnace for temperature control after measurement by thermocouple or PT 100, it is necessary to send this temperature information to the control room or to the temperature controller, which is responsible for the temperature transmitter. In pressure control processes, the height of the material inside the tank, humidity and are also sent with different types of transmitters to control and monitor.

Flowmeter calibration

Transmitter calibration types include:

FT Calibration Lutransmitter flow Transmitter

PT Calibration Pressure Transmitter

TT Temperature Transmitter Calibration Tempreture Transmitter

LT Level Transmitter Calibration

Transmitters are either pneumatic or electronic, which we will describe in the case of electronic transmitters. Electronic transmitters are very accurate. These transmitters are composed of different parts, which are:

Capsule: under which the oil is filled and pressure is applied to it.

Memory: which processes the data input to the transmitter and output from the transmitter.

Transmitter: A device used to measure a variable and convert and send it. Transmitters have been used for various measurements, including TT, LT, PT, FT.

PT, which shows the pressure of a specific point.

FT which shows us the flow across the line.

PDT which shows the pressure difference between two points.

LTs are devices that can be used to measure the level of material in tanks.

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