Engineering Drawings

AUTOCAD and SOLIDWORKS, as the breadth of tools that tackle the most complex drawings, and the depth to demonstrate critical detail work, pave the way not only for your product development process but also for better visualization of design features to get your innovative products and ideas into production faster.

Our services are not restricted to the following as:

  1. Solid Modeling
  2. Surface Modeling
  3. Drafting
  4. Assembly modules
  5. Rendering for realistic modules
  6. Analysis tools with FEA and CFD domains.
  7. Shape Optimization of structure
  8. Modal Analysis of Structure
  9. Fatigue Analysis of Structure
  10. Fracture Analysis of the cracked structure
  11. Converting 2D (Blueprint Map) models into 3D model


Rose Calibration Company in Melbourne, Australia with over ten years of experience in the design, implementation, analysis, maintenance, and repair of different industrial products and instruments throughout Australia. Our scientific crews will help you to implement and draw all different models and fracture analyses through the best analyzers and software. If you live in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Geelong, and Brisbane, you can receive your quote in less than two hours by fill-up the form via the “Booking” link.