Dimensional Calibration

In the equipped metrology laboratory (dimensional calibration laboratory) based on the scope of work of the certification certificate and national and international standards and special equipment, testing and calibration services are provided by experienced and trained experts.

Measurement and certification for calibration of various control components, including calibration of threaded gauges (thread plug (gauge), calibration of ring gauges (ring gauge), calibration of torpedo gauges (snap gauge), calibration of adjustment rods (setting bar, calibration of composite gauges in terms of dimensions and geometry such as V-notch, U-notch), Lamp caps and holders control reference indicators, reference parts for testing and adjusting tools such as radius gauge calibration ), Pitch gauge calibration, angle gauge calibration, video measuring machine calibration, profile projector calibration, various measuring instruments including caliper calibration, micrometer calibration, goniometer, flat plate tables, Meter, ruler, probe, calibration of paint coating thickness gauges, ultrasonic thickness gauges, cross hatch cutter, calibration of test sieve and measurement of various geometric parameters of the equipment taking into account the amount of deviation And determine their grade Like deviation from the bed, deviation from straight… with high accuracy is possible in this laboratory.

With the help of precision laboratory equipment and systems such as VMM (video measuring machine) in longitudinal and angular measurement, DMS and measuring probe makes it possible to determine the dimensions of the parameters of the parts with an accuracy of up to 0.1 micrometers. Since some equipment such as gauge blocks and holders and gauge blocks and go and go rims and gauges are designed with high sensitivity, so they must be controlled in a special environment (clean room) to be controlled in terms of temperature, humidity and the number of suspended particles in each environment. According to internationally recognized authorities and standards such as the US Federal Standard (FS 209 E) and the laboratory with this isolated location, favorable calibration conditions He brought these pieces to me.

Hardness Laboratory

In the hardness laboratory, based on the scope of work of the certification certificate and national and international standards, calibration of Rockwell A, B, C metal hardness tester, metal hardness block calibration and rubber hardness calibration are measured and calibrated by experienced and trained experts.

Rose Calibration Company in Melbourne, Australia with over ten years of experience in calibration dimensions and hardness testing provides all calibration services throughout Australia. If you live in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Geelong and Brisbane, you can receive your quote in less than two hours by filling the form via the “Booking” link.

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