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ISO 37101 – What is sustainable development in societies?

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What is ISO 37101? The purpose of ISO 37101 is to help communities, including cities, implement a sustainable development strategy that addresses economic, social and environmental issues. Obtaining ISO 37101 certification provides a long-term development strategy that respects the resources and needs of present and future generations. ISO 37101 allows…

metal tube variable area flowmeters principle

Flow Meters
Metal pipes are the principle of measuring material flow Metal tubes measure the flow rate of the variable flow rate of the volumetric flow of liquids and gases operating on a floating principle. The device has a conical metal tube in which a float is allowed to move freely up and…

Double block and blade valve

Flow Meters
Double block and blade is a single set of two internal block valves and one blade valve. The three-valve task is performed separately by this set while saving large space, installation time, weight and cost. The main purpose of using a double block and blade system, however, is to ensure that the…

ISO 20400: 2017 – Sustainable Development

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ISO 20400 is an international standard that provides guidelines for sustainable development. This standard can be used by organizations that want to improve their social, economic and environmental sustainability. The main guidelines of the standard include key sustainability considerations, integrating sustainability into the organization’s procurement policy and strategy, managing risks and…

Achieving the goal and stability in the heart of ISO 37000: 2021

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We are rapidly changing and challenging our jobs at different times, and more than ever before, management institutions have been asked to operate their organizations with purpose, sustainability and a human community. Good management not only builds trust, but also improves business performance and contributes to social and environmental integration. The recently…

Everything we need to know about the actuator

Calibration Concept
An actuator is a set that is part of a control valve that provides the force and motion to operate a valve based on the received control signal. Actuators are actuators that require an energy source, which can be pneumatic, hydraulic, or electric. Thus, actuators essentially convert a pneumatic, hydraulic, or electrical…

airlock valve

Flow Meters
The airlock valve is used to keep the operating air inside the actuator chamber so that when there is any defect in the air source in the air process control line, there is no disturbance in the opening of the valve. An airlock is shown in the figure. Whether the valve…