ISO 17025

ISO 17025 (National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA))


Benefits of obtaining ISO 17025 certification

  • Ensure the accuracy of tests and tests performed
  • Globalization and creating a competitive advantage in exports
  • Receive a valid international certificate with a registration code
  • Create a sense of confidence in customers
  • Manage and eliminate errors in test laboratories
  • Create and improve an efficient management system


What is the ISO 17025 standard?

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International Standard ISO 17025 is a specialized standard for testing and calibration laboratories that qualifies these laboratories.


Scope of application of ISO 17025 standard

The international standard ISO 17025 specifies the general requirements for qualification for testing or calibration as well as sampling. International Standard ISO 17025 covers standard and non-standard methods and laboratory-developed methods used in testing and calibration.

ISO 17025 International Standard Guidelines are applicable to all testing and calibration organizations. These standard covers, for example, the first, second, and laboratories where testing is part of product certification and inspection. The ISO 17025 international standard is applicable to all laboratories, regardless of the number of personnel in the organization or the scope of the test or calibration activities.

The international standard ISO 17025 is recommended for use by laboratories that are developing quality, operational and technical systems for their activities.


Necessity of attention and implementation of ISO 17025 standard

If testing and calibration laboratories meet the requirements of this International Standard, they shall use a quality system for their testing and calibration activities that also meets the requirements of ISO 9001. This International Standard covers several technical requirements that are not covered by ISO 9001.

ISO 17025 laboratory quality system, with the aim of creating an independent and quality-based management system, has been designed and deployed so that by using this standard, the laboratory can provide its services with the best quality to its customers, as well as all management and technical activities. And manage its expertise in the best way and by obtaining national or international certificates and credentials, prove its competence and competence to the recipients of services and interest groups.


ISO 17025 certification

ISO 17025 certificates can be issued non-accredited by CB authorities, and laboratories will be able to audit and receive the certification by implementing and auditing by an external certification body, but it is recommended that this standard be approved by accreditation organizations (ACCREDITATION BODY) to be audited and issued.

Therefore, according to this case, the Accreditation Organization in Iran (AB), the accreditation center of the Iranian Standard Institute (NACI) is able to audit and issue ISO 17025 certification. However, he would not be required to obtain the said certificate.


Relation of ISO 17025 standard with other standards

It is always recommended to obtain the ISO 9001 quality management system certification, which is the most basic and main standard of the ISO international standards series, together with or before receiving more specialized certifications, such as ISO 17025 certification, which certifies laboratories. Is to take action. It should be noted that medical and medical laboratories, if they want to receive ISO certification related to their field, must implement the ISO 15189 standard for medical laboratories and receive its certification. Medical laboratories are also advised to obtain ISO 9001 certification or IMS integrated management system.

ISO System with the permission of the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade is ready to consult and issue ISO 17025 certification with an experienced team and a resume can be inquired.


Obtaining ISO 17025 – Issuing ISO 17025 – Receiving ISO 17025

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