ISO 10002

ISO 10002 (ISO standard for handling customer complaints)


Benefits of obtaining ISO 10002 certification

  • Achieve customer satisfaction through grievance analysis
  • Creating a competitive advantage in retaining and developing customers
  • Receive a valid international certificate with a registration code
  • Create a sense of confidence in customers
  • Generate more sales to strengthen the brand
  • Creating a dynamic, customer-oriented and transcendent environment


What is the ISO 10002 standard?

In order to obtain ISO 10002 (Receive ISO 10002 – Issue ISO 10002), RoseCal Consulting is ready to provide services to companies and organizations. ISO 10002 standard is about paying attention to customer complaints and customer complaints is a useful and free source of information that if it is possible to update this information and raise complaints, customers will easily provide their information to the organization. ISO 10002 standard states that proper management of customer complaints, in addition to informing about the problems of the organization, also creates customer loyalty and commitment and ultimately their satisfaction. Customers will become loyal customers if they know that their dissatisfaction plan has been taken into consideration and after pursuing the solution, preventing the recurrence of the problem and taking steps to improve the performance of the organization.


Customer Orientation

Application of ISO 10002 standard

In the new managerial approach, retaining loyal customers is more valuable than gaining new customers. ISO 10002 standard, in addition to providing a way to record customer complaints, tracks, evaluates and analyzes customer complaints. Because the main purpose of receiving customer complaints is to learn about the performance problems of the organization and try to improve the performance of the organization.


By implementing the ISO 10002 standard, when the organization receives a complaint from the customer, these complaints can provide the organization with many opportunities for improvement in products and processes, and if the complaint handling process is done properly, the reputation and reputation of the organization. It will also be a public or private organization or small and large.


Compliance with ISO 10002 standard with other international standards

ISO 10002 standard and similar international standards such as ISO 9001 and ISO 10004 can be easily used by organizations due to having a systematic and uniform approach to complaints. Complaint’s handling process For organizations that offer products or services, this standard can be used. Companies and businesses are advised to use standards such as ISO 10002 and ISO 10004, which have a serious focus on customer satisfaction , in addition to systems such as the integrated management system IMS .



The latest version of this standard is the 2014 version entitled ISO 10002: 2014, in which the RoseCal Consulting is ready for ISO 10002 consulting and certification.


Obtaining ISO 10002 – Issuing ISO 10002 – Receiving ISO 10002

To obtain ISO 10002 (Receive ISO 10002 – Issue ISO 10002) you can apply through the RoseCal Consulting. RoseCal Consulting is the top center for obtaining ISO 10002 (receiving ISO 10002 – issuing ISO 10002) in the country with the official license of the Industry, Mining and Trade Organization. To obtain ISO 10002 (Receive ISO 10002 – Issue ISO 10002) Apply through the certificate application link on this page. You can also apply for ISO 10002 (Receive ISO 10002 – Issue ISO 10002) to register your application quickly through this link.