ISO 10668

ISO 10668 (ISO brand valuation standard)


Benefits of obtaining ISO 10668 certification

  • Brand valuation with a brand strengthening approach
  • Globalization and creating a competitive advantage in a competitive market
  • Receive a valid international certificate with a registration code
  • Create a sense of confidence in customers
  • Generate more sales to strengthen the brand
  • Brand analysis and architecture


What is ISO 10668 (brand valuation)?

ISO 10668 is a special standard for brand financial valuation. ISO 10668 defines a framework for brand evaluation, including: objectives, evaluation principles, evaluation approaches, evaluation method and evaluation of quality data and assumptions.

The brand evaluation standard, more commonly known as ISO 10668, is a requirement for the method of measuring brand value. Brand evaluation is used for a wide variety of purposes, including strategic planning, financial reporting, dispute resolution, and more.

ISO 10668 (Brand Valuation) defines a “brand” as an intangible marketing asset that includes names, terms, symbols, symbols, logos and designs, or a combination of these, to identify goods and the services of a company or organization are used. In other words, a trademark is the only defensible legal mark (or any combination of marks) that can distinguish a company’s goods or services from other companies and organizations.


What is the significance of ISO 10668 (brand valuation) standard?

Accurate valuation of a brand is increasingly important for organizations that want to make money, or for those who are looking to earn or seek investment. It is very important in conducting brand reviews of organizations as well as for strategic development planning.


Brand evaluation plays an important role in evaluating a company’s business potential. Previously, it was difficult to compare the results of different methods of brand evaluation, because the lack of general standards for brand evaluation led to very different results in evaluations. This led to insecurity in parts of the companies that often disliked participating in the brand evaluation process. Brand evaluation standards were established in ISO 10668 to address this problem and examine brand valuation as a more respected company.

This standard enables all organizations that conduct brand evaluations to attract customers, build customer confidence, lead the market, and create a competitive advantage. Standards play an important role in building organizational confidence.

Another reason for the importance of brand valuation is that it provides strong financial proof of a brand’s value to a business, which is essential for a wide range of business purposes.

The beginning of the article states: “Intangible assets are known as high value assets. “Certainly, the most valuable but lesser-known intangible assets are the brands.”


What is the application of ISO 10668 brand valuation?

ISO 10668 is used for monetary evaluation of the brand and for all the following purposes:


  • Financial accounting and reporting


  • Bankruptcy and liquidation


  • Tax planning and compliance


  • Litigation and dispute resolution


  • Company finances and capital raising


  • Joint venture licensing and negotiation


  • Internal management and reporting information


  • Strategic planning and brand management


  • Brand budgeting and marketing


  • Brand architecture analysis


  • Brand development planning


The main requirements of the ISO 10668 standard

1- Domain


2- Terms and definitions


3- General requirements


4- Special requirements


5- Valuation methods


6- Necessary evaluation inputs


7- Report


8- Independence


Methods of measuring brand value

There are three well-known ways to measure brand value: revenue, market, and cost.

  1. A) The revenue approach measures brand value by referring to the present value of the economic benefits that are expected to be met during the useful economic life of the brand. The steps to use the income method are to estimate the cash flow after tax on the asset over its remaining economic useful life, and to convert it to its present value through a discount at an appropriate monopoly rate.
  2. B) The market method defines value based on what other buyers in the market pay for assets that can be reasonably valued at the assumed values.
  3. C) The cost approach measures the value of a brand based on the cost of investing in building a brand or the cost of replacing or redefining it. The actual cost invested for the brand includes all the costs incurred to build and maintain the brand until the value creation for the brand. The cost of replacing a brand includes the cost of building a similar brand.


Obtaining ISO 10668 – Issuing ISO 10668 – Receiving ISO 10668

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