Halal mark

Halal mark (Halal mark for food and beverage products)


Benefits of obtaining a halal certification

  • Ensure that food products are halal
  • Globalization and creating a competitive advantage in exports
  • Receive a valid international certificate with a registration code
  • Create a sense of confidence in customers
  • Generate more sales to strengthen the brand
  • Create and improve an efficient management system


Familiarity with the halal food industry logo

In order to obtain halal (halal receiving – exporting halal) RoseCal Consulting is ready to provide services to companies and organizations.

Halal is the food that is allowed to be consumed in Islam. The halal mark is also in the form of a certificate issued for food products that are prepared and produced as halal, and the halal mark is also inserted on these products. This name is derived from the meaning of halal food which is mentioned in Islam and halal food products were first created in Malaysia.

In recent years, this food brand has been introduced as a global brand by Islamic countries in the world, so that it has been well received in non-Islamic countries.

In addition to food industry management standards such as ISO 22000, obtaining a halal food standard will be of great help to the development of exports and product health.


 Halal mark and impact on the market

The multi-billion-dollar global market for halal products is a tool for creating a common Islamic market and the solidarity of Islamic countries and members of the Organization of the Islamic Conference.

Legislative bodies of Islamic countries to increase the competition of halal products in the global market, have prepared preferential tariff agreements for halal goods and services, and halal scientific research is a necessary and main tool for expanding halal trade by the institutions of the Islamic Cooperation Organization, including the bank IDB Islamic Development Financial and technical support for halal research.

The development of a “halal food standard” by the standard experts of Islamic countries is one of the important measures to prepare the way for the implementation of the halal standard of the Organization of the Islamic Conference in all Islamic countries to issue halal brand certificates worldwide Islamic and facilitates import and export.

Supervision of halal certification organizations in these countries in order to encourage and support the completed projects is another activity of this center.


Halal mark on growth path

In the field of halal financial services, Islamic countries intend to formulate a “standard of halal financial services” by the central banks and financial centers of the Islamic Conference member countries and encourage companies and businessmen of Islamic countries to invest more in halal industries in the world.

In this regard, small industries of economic enterprises active in halal industry are connected through a network in Islamic countries in cooperation with the standard institutes of the member countries of the Organization of the Islamic Conference and related scientific and research institutes in Islamic countries.

In the religious texts of Muslims and the Qur’an, there are references and verses related to halal food, and they emphasize that haram food has a negative effect on the human body and soul. Muslim countries believe that if the issue of halal code becomes a standard, it can create an independent identity for Muslims in Islamic countries. Making a profit in the global dimension and creating convergence among Muslim countries is one of the goals of creating a halal food label.


Obtaining Halal – Issuing Halal – Receiving Halal

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To obtain halal (receiving halal – issuing halal) apply through the certificate request link on this page. You can also register your application quickly to obtain halal (receiving halal – issuing halal) through this link.