Gauge pressure sensor

This sensor has different uses because it is calibrated to measure the pressure of one point relative to the atmospheric pressure of another at another point. Tire pressure gauge is an example of a gauge pressure gauge. When the tire pressure gauge shows zero psi, the pressure inside the tire is 14.7 psi, which is the pressure of one atmosphere

                                                                        Gauge pressure sensor

Differential pressure sensor

This sensor measures the pressure difference between two or more points, which are introduced as inputs

For example, these sensors are used to measure the pressure drop in the oil filter, as well as to measure the flow or level in the tanks


Sealed pressure sensor

This sensor acts like a pressure gauge sensor, except that it is calibrated by the manufacturer to measure the pressure relative to sea level pressure (about 14.7 Psi) during manufacture.

These sensors are used to measure pressure in constant temperature and high pressure conditions, for example in high pressure conditions that the diaphragm can not withstand, the use of this sensor is common.



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